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Italian Vacation Love

Italian Vacation Love

Some rules were made to be broken . . .

“Marci wins again!”

That’s how Susan feels when her roommate lands hunky Niccolo, the Italian tutor in charge of language lessons during their summer study abroad program.

Marci is pushy and throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. Niccolo seemed to like Susan, but she backed away when Marci insisted their lessons become private.

Now Susan finds her heart skipping beats when she’s near Mark, the TA for the semester aboad. But he’s bound by school policy not to fraternize with students.

Fortunately, some rules were made to be broken . . .

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About the Author
Introducing Bekah’s Good Clean Romance Stories. This series is for women who want a quick read featuring love and romance without smut.

They’re short and easy reads. You can finish them in one night. Featuring strong men and women, rich scenery, gripping drama, and (usually) HEA endings, these quick reads are designed to please.

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