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Moral Kiosk

Moral Kiosk

What if you could travel a day into the past?

On rainy Thameside Battersea in the near future, there’s a secret passageway back in time. Stored on an unassuming industrial site, any subject placed in Booth A is transported to Booth B via ‘quantum foam’. During the process, the subject also travels to an earlier point in the day, although the time frames vary.

Soon enough, Simon – the engineer who combined Dark Matter with wormhole science to build the Booths – begins to improve his finances and relationships through do-overs, ultimately meddling in matters of life and death . . .

A 2016 Kindle Press selection, Moral Kiosk is a time travel story about loss, shelved dreams, and second chances.

Praise For Moral Kiosk:
“A fascinating time travel novel, and an excellent job of keeping track of the timelines . . . Excels in characterisation . . . When a character changed over the course of the story, the change was presented in pieces so we could actually see the shift occurring . . . The narrator was well chosen to bridge the gap between science and ‘normal life’.” -Kirkus

About the Author:
Ryan Daff was born in 1984 in Birmingham, UK, where he still resides with his girlfriend, two cats and his acoustic guitars.

Educated in English literature, he has held a lifelong fascination with well-told stories, be they books, films, TV shows, comics or even video games. His favourites are those that use genre to hold up a prism to our many human foibles and conditions – because the best stories are really about people, not ideas.

Ryan has worked as a library assistant, journalist and editor, and his short stories have appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Schlock! and Aphelion, among other places.

Moral Kiosk, published by Kindle Press, is his first novel.



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