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The Deal (Devil’s Brother #1)

The Deal

First in an exciting new paranormal romance series

Stuck in a dream from which he cannot wake, Adrian Ward has to learn to live with the fact that he made a deal with the Devil. Sure, he did it with good intentions and saved his dying father. But his intentions mean very little on the face of killing an innocent girl. The Devil doesn’t ask; he simply takes. And Adrian can do nothing but give.

A year into the nightmare and the girl Adrian is supposed to kill gives him the strength he needs to send the Devil to…well, to hell. Unfortunately, he won’t go down without a fight.

Eae Morningstar has been on Earth for thousands of years doing the job that was appointed to him on the day his brother got kicked out of Heaven: release souls from the Devil’s possession. But Eae cannot do his job properly without a human to help him. Such a human, one strong enough to break out of a deal with the Devil all by himself, is very hard to find.

Now, after a century of searching for a human helper and failing miserably, Eae’s fate might finally smile upon him.



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