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Review: Dark Siren

Dark Siren: An Ashwood Urban Fantasy Novel (Half-Lich Book 1)

A supernatural bounty hunter teams up with an old flame to battle evil.


Dark Siren is the first in a truly urban fantasy trilogy by the writing team of Lee Dignam and Katerina Martinez, called the Half-Lich series. I downloaded the preview of this book and enjoyed it enough to purchase the whole thing for $2.99.

Set in a fictitious grim metropolis called Ashwood, our heroes battle supernatural bad guys across multiple dimensions.

The star is Alice, who works as a sort of bounty hunter for ghosts. Have a troublesome poltergeist or some such? Alice will take care of it, using a special instant camera that captures the spirits. For a hefty fee, of course.

Things take a twist when a local teen’s girlfriend disappears from an old theater that’s shutting down. Alice investigates and finds a link to an ethereal otherworld where particularly nasty spirits hang out. She’s familiar with it, having escaped from there not so long ago.

Reluctantly she turns to an old flame for help, who happens to be a powerful mage, and together they embark on a quest to save the girl.

Dark Siren is indeed dark, and it’s got some strong elements of horror throughout. It’s also the start of an interesting and popular urban fantasy series including The Void Weaver and Night and Chaos.

Check out the entire series today.



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