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Making Arrangements

Making Arrangements

A perfectly-arranged life goes awry

Against all odds, cancer survivor Lang Eldridge is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her “death sentence” when her beloved husband drops dead on the tennis court. Reeling from shock, Lang realizes all of her perfect arrangements (from the caramel cake in the freezer for his first Christmas without her to love letters for his first anniversary alone) are in utter disarray. A mute stray dog posts itself on her front porch and a grammar-butchering fashion plate posts herself in Lang’s kitchen, regularly revealing too much information. Lillian, Lang’s long-lost mother, reappears for the funeral and is as obnoxious as ever. Her son, Teddy, has his own ideas of how she should manage her life, and they don’t include cavorting about with a veterinarian who resembles Wimpy. Lang’s granddaughter is a bright spot in her life, and Lang can’t imagine life without her. With her historical family estate in jeopardy, Lang discovers her husband wasn’t as perfect as she thought. Is she strong enough to keep her husband’s secret from destroying her life?

“Gently seductive, moving and often humorous, Making Arrangements proves an extraordinarily beguiling fictional debut for Robinson.”
– Book Viral

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