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Review: The Last Passenger

The Last Passenger is a recent book by Manel Loureiro. You may not recognize the name (he’s from Spain), but you might have heard about his Apocalypse Z series, a zombie thriller best selling set of titles. He’s been called “The Spanish Stephen King.”

The Last Passenger is an interesting book, and the English translation is top notch. A Nazi cruise ship is discovered adrift in 1939. Everybody on board has mysteriously disappeared, except for a baby boy. Decades later a reclusive billionaire finds the Valkyrie junked in a British salvage yard, and takes pains to refurbish the ship to her former glory.

A reporter accompanies him and others through a time-traveling voyage complete with ghosts, supernatural evil, and several second-guessing plot twists. It’s a nice blend of time travel, fantasy, and historical fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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