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Review: The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil

This time, the fairy tale got it wrong!

Modern takes on fairy tales have gained popularity in recent years, notably with ABC’s Once Upon a Time, now with six seasons you can binge stream off Amazon. (ABC is owned by Disney, so many of the characters exclusive to them show up in the series.)

But The School for Good and Evil offers a different take. A storybook town loses two children each year, taken by force. Later they show up as characters in children’s books. Every time one is taken to the evil school, where they learn how to be a villain. The other is taken to the good school, where they learn how to be a beautiful prince or princess.

This time it seems there’s been a mix up. The goth daughter of the local hag living by the cemetery is dropped off in the good school, while the reigning belle of the village is dropped off in the evil school.

It’s cute and humorous, and although we have seen the old magical school coming of age trope before, notably in Harry Potter, author Soman Chainani offers a unique twist. The New York Times best seller is slated for movie development, as well.

The complete three book series is available here.



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