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Review: The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series

The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series starts with Smoke Rising, a fast and furious book that offers nonstop action. Smoke is the name of a former Navy Seal and cop turned bounty hunter who is in prison for taking out a bad guy he was supposed to take in. Sidney is a very attractive FBI agent who has been assigned to offer him a deal: help her capture a top secret high profile suspect on a black list and his sentence will be cut short.

As things progress, Sidney and Smoke figure out the reason the list is so top secret is the bad guys are, well, supernatural. Their target has a nasty habit of shifting into something much more powerful than a human. It doesn’t help that he’s got an army of “deaders,” which are essentially zombies he can order around.

Craig Halloran is a prolific author, and the Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series is a massive 10 books in length. You can try the first one out for 99 cents, and see if you like it as much as I did.



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