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Shadow’s Fall

Shadow’s Fall: New White Sands City Cyberpunk Book 1

An ex-soldier turned gunslinger, a mem-wiped assassin, an unraveling past, and layers of conspiracy.


Thieving as a reformed assassin with Raven’s partially chem-blocked past isn’t a straightforward gig, but there are only so many ways to earn eCash in the multi-tiered sprawl of New White Sands City. When a mugging leads to murder and a data core that’s hot property, Raven makes an enemy of one of the city’s largest corporations. If she can figure out what’s on the core, she’ll make a killing. She’s good with that, right up until the key to that information unlocks all of her memories. This time there’s no turning back from conspiracies in the dark… Welcome to New White Sands City – where the pace is fast and the action is cyber-chic.

From the Author
New White Sands City Cyberpunk is a science fiction cyberpunk series that spans fifteen books. Book 1 can be read as a standalone novel or as the entry to the series. Forces converge in New White Sands City that will shape the future of the continent forever and one paramilitary corporation stands at the front of the tide. Warnings for coarse language and high-octane violence.

About the Author
Ron Bender has been an international business consultant, business process trouble-shooter, and marketing specialist. Besides consulting for the Canadian government and the private sector, he’s had thirty-seven years of RPG storytelling experience. He spent the majority of that time running and designing games using the customizable GURPS system while focusing on gaming as an interactive storytelling forum. Today, he’s happy to present his science fiction cyberpunk e-book series: the New White Sands City Cyberpunk series. For more information and to start reading the series for free, visit the official home of the New White Sands City Cyberpunk series:



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