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Time Drunk: Part I

Time Drunk: Part I

Irreverent humorous time travel epic

T.D travels through time by drinking lots of alcohol, blacking out and waking up in a new era. While at first this was sort of interesting it has worn a bit thin after 2000 years. Unfortunately he’s an alcoholic and that sort of make things a bit difficult. Due to some other rather unique circumstances he’s about to start a whole new leg of his adventure that promises to just be a huge hassle that he’d rather not deal with.

Join T.D as he is forced to team up with the most notorious serial killer in American history, an ancient pharaoh, and some other less famous people in an epic journey through time and space. Watch as they battle giant jive talking ducks, a racist beast, an evil reawakened demon billionaire, some other stuff and various assorted jackasses. Be engrossed as our hero attempts to avoid his duties, repress his emotions and dodge taking responsibility for any of his actions. This is the tale of the Time Drunk.

About the Author
Dan Bingham is a 29 year old man who likes stuff and also things. This is his fist novel but he’s written a boat load of other equally awesome stories that totally rock and are worth like a bajillion dollars in pure golden doubloons. Women dig him hard. He was a stand up comic for 8 years and might get back into that at some point He also has delivered pizzas for a little bit but it sucked. Not the pizza, that was good just the driving around because he gets lost easily. He lives in Milford, New Hampshire.


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