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White Lies

White Lies: An Asher Blaine Mystery

A Hollywood bad boy is framed for murder. Can he convince those he trusts that he’s changed . . . and innocent?


Asher was just learning how to be normal when the police came for him. They arrested him for murder. He was innocent, but all the evidence said otherwise. And his wild history as a Hollywood bad boy didn’t help. An old friend was dead, and he was determined to find her killer without tumbling back into the rabbit hole of substance abuse. To get to the truth Asher realizes he must mend all his burnt bridges a lot sooner than he’d planned. When he turns to the people he trusted most, he discovers he must convince them not only of his sobriety but of his innocence.

About the Author
Alice Sabo is the author of the post-apocalyptic series A Changed World, the space fantasy series Transmutation and traditional mystery series Asher Blaine Mysteries. She lives in Asheville, NC, where she gardens and tries to outwit the squirrels.

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