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Falling In Love With My CEO

Falling in Love with My CEO

When a smart and feisty Kansas girl meets her gorgeous Silicon Valley billionaire boss, love is the last thing on their minds… But it may be the first thing in their hearts.


Emma – I was starry eyed and eager to succeed when I landed an interview with the hottest new startup in Silicon Valley; Fairgame. I knew I was batting in the big leagues now. I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. What I didn’t expect was to fall so hard for Noah Russell, the tech prodigy and CEO of Fairgame. The man who could have any woman he wanted.

Noah – I operated on a one-track mind; work beats everything else. Even all the girls who were lining up to tackle me and hold me down. Then I met Emma Cavendish, who walked into my office with big ideas. She criticized me and my company. Who did she think she was? I knew who I thought she was; the woman who could change my life forever.

A sweet and short (17 000-word) office romance about falling in love with a billionaire boss.

From reader:
We’re always on the lookout for hot new talent, and when Chelsea Stone let us know about her debut romance novella, we jumped at the chance to bring it to the attention of our readers. This sweet billionaire romance is available for a low price, and introduces readers to a rising talent. Check it out today!


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