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Flash Fire

Flash Fire (A Navy SEAL Romance)

A 2016 RITA Award winner.


Former SEAL turned lawless mercenary Light Walker just wants to be left alone to avenge his brother’s death. He wants nothing to do with Clara Roberts, a by-the-book investigator on a secret mission, who is trying to talk (cough) badger (cough) him into helping her recover an American teenager who’d disappeared abroad. Clara Roberts isn’t crazy about the uneasy partnership either. How can tequila-swilling Walker be her best option? And, dear Lord, the things that come out of that man’s mouth!

Soon the sparks they generate–and the trouble they stir up–threaten to set the jungle ablaze. But as attraction grows into love, looming danger turns into all-out war. Clara and Walker must hold on to each other and race against time to survive. Fast-paced, heart pounding, laugh-out-loud funny. Get ready for a wild adventure!

From readper:
We found this highly rated romantic thriller from NY Times best selling author Dana Marton at a substantial discount from the paper version. Over 100 reviewers have given it a phenomenal 4.7 out of 5 stars, one of the highest ratings with over 100 reviews we’ve come across. It’s no wonder the book won the RITA award in 2016. Grab your copy today and check it out.

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