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On Viney’s Mountain

On Viney’s Mountain

Strangers have come to Viney’s mountain, and she is furious!


Strangers have come to Viney’s mountain, and she is furious! The arrogant invaders are leveling acres of forest in her beloved home in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee to establish a Utopian democratic settlement in 1880, the dream of English writer and labor pioneer Thomas Hughes. Sixteen-year-old Viney Walker is determined to sabotage their plans, but her sister Lizzie is thrilled, convinced that she will find a wealthy husband among the newcomers. Independent and uncompromising, Viney rails against the traditional fate of a mountain woman–marriage, children, unending drudgery–and prefers to focus on her true love and extraordinary talent–weaving. But Viney hasn’t reckoned on Charlie Breckenridge, a handsome Englishman who takes a fancy to her. When she feigns a relationship with Charlie to put an end to the pressure from her family to find a man, her plot backfires in surprising ways, changing Viney and her mountain forever.

From the Author:
While touring Historic Rugby, Tennessee, I could hear the faint chatter of the young Englishmen and women who came to settle that Utopian community. I marveled over the youth who waded into the wilderness and built the roads, the large inn, and also enjoyed the natural surroundings. But then I began to wonder about how the local Appalachians felts about the foreigners invading their rich traditions and way of life…and then I heard Viney speak. When I returned to Rugby in 2009 to celebrate the publishing of On Viney’s Mountain, several of the local people thanked me for writing the story from their point of view and not from an Englishman’s sensibilities. Their praises are dear to me, just as I as thrilled when the State of Tennessee chose On Viney’s Mountain to represent Tennessee at the 2010 National Book Festival sponsored by the Libary of Congress and held at the National Mall in DC.

I love stories and listen for stories when I share meals with friends, visit a new place, or walk outside and see that my goats have escaped one more time…writing is how I share stories with others and hopefully offer encouragement and insight into various situations. When not writing, I work on the organic blueberry farm that I share with my husband, John, or milk our goats, weed in my garden, play my harp, sew quilts and drink tea with friends. I live a blessed life and am thankful for editors, readers and reviewers who enjoy what I write.


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