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The Complete Dead Planet Series

The Complete Dead Planet Series

The future is darker than you think!


When Serus Blackwell was recruited into The Agency, he had to leave his family behind. The Agency stripped him of his humanity, but they failed to take his memories during his programming.

During a hit, Serus discovers that his sister, Kara, is next on the list for execution by an organization called The Syndicate, but the woman who should have been removed from his memories, triggers an act of defiance that will set him on a course no one ever expected.

In order to save Kara, Serus turns his back on The Agency on a suicide mission that reveals something more sinister than he ever could have realized. The Syndicate’s plans to destroy Mars.

Can he save the last surviving member of his family and save the only world he has ever known, or will he have to choose which is more important; family or the millions of lives at stake if he does nothing?

The Dead Planet Series is a dystopian science fiction series that shows how far someone will go to save the people they love, even if it means they must destroy who they are to do it.

From readper:
We found this amazing cyberpunk series quietly rising up the charts since its debut in mid-April. Drew Avera is a prolific author. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, this is a good one to start out with, and at a great price, too!




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