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Broken Worlds Super Boxset

Broken Worlds Super Boxset

Two science fiction series, six books, one low price.


James Hunt, author of the best-selling “Exiled” and “GMO-24” series, which collectively accumulated over 100+ five-star reviews, brings you both of these thrillers together for the first time in this super boxset.


How far will a mother go to protect her family?

Limited water. Limited resources. No help. Brooke Fontanne has to find a way to cross the massive sea of sand that is the Mojave Desert. And with the Southwestern United States now exiled from the Union in wake of the water crisis the entire area is in chaos. Brooke is forced to battle not just the desert elements, but gangs and marauders looking to take whatever they want.

GMO 24

GMO 24 changed our world- Just not the way we intended.

GMO-24 was regarded as the solution to world hunger. The human race had finally succeeded in perfecting the art of food production at the molecular level. GMO-24 was a strand of altered proteins that could be inserted into the genetic layout of any crop, allowing it to maximize the natural nutrients of the surrounding soil.

But when the altered crops leave the land from which they were harvested barren and dead, the country scrambles to correct the damage. The result is the creation of The Soil Coalition, a government agency responsible for ensuring that the United States remains fed at any cost. But when the Coalition’s endeavors transform communities into concentration camp-like environments, it’s decided to put an end to the Coalition’s power.

Caught in the middle of the power struggle between the Coalition and the rest of the U.S. Government, is Alex Grives. With the balance of life and death in his hands, only he has the ability to change the fate of the country. There will be casualties, but the decision of who will fill the body bags rests with Alex.

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We found another collection by James Hunt. This time, the acclaimed thriller writer applies his talents to science fiction. Check out this highly rated boxset today!



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