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Restless Spectres

Restless Spectres

She sees dead people. But this one won’t go away.


Clara was comfortable around ghosts, she’d been aware of them for as long as she could remember and for the most part, she liked having them around. She had been thinking of leaving Dan for a while and the ideal opportunity presented itself by way of an inheritance from an aunt that she had no previous knowledge of. Leaving her job, Dan, and her old life behind, Clara heads for her new home and her new life but she soon finds out that she’s forced to share her home with an unseen, evil presence that clearly doesn’t want her there. Needing to confront the vicious malevolent spirit or leave her precious new home, Clara tries to carve out a new life, while attempting to rid her castle of the evil presence that threatens to destroy her planned livelihood or her life.

From the Author:
My 12th book but 1st Novel. Will be in eBook and Paperback eBook is live now. Paperback is waiting to go live as I write this. All of my books are free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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Restless Spectres



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