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Scout Selection: Rebirth


The God of Evil searches for who she is

Hidden deep beneath the waves of the ocean moon GX-30B is a medieval city, a playground for the ultra-rich of the United Earth Empire. However, this city has a secret, it is not just a theme park, but a prison built to hold the God of Evil, Kita. Her mind shackled, an encounter with her old rival and lover frees Kita’s personality. Now, she must fight to escape the city and flee into unknown space with a group of mercenaries. She finds love, adventure and alien civilizations on the brink of war.

From the Author:
Rebirth has won two awards: 2nd place in the Iron and Lace Awards and 1st place in the Holo Awards.

About the Author:
I live in Tampa, Florida with my wife, Chelsea, our two dogs, Rust and Moxie, and our five cats: Nova, Jupiter, Crater, Orbit, and Forest Fire. I retired from the Army in 2007 and worked in the tech sector solving computer-engineering problems for the military, universities, video game industry, and automotive companies. I began writing because Chelsea wanted a bedtime story. I started with fan fiction but grew tired of the restrictions of someone else’s world, so I set out to create my own.

From Readper:
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