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Scout Selection: Wolf’s Oath

Wolf’s Oath

Duty or damnation, which will Aralt choose?


Defending Lian against soulless assassins is not what Aralt “Wolf” syr Tremayne agreed to. Nor did he agree to be the guardian of an irrational teenage Keeper of the Faith. But if not Lian, then who will seize the reins of power? Surely not Aralt, whose ambitions never included ruling a country. And if not Aralt, then who will protect Lian from a shared adversary who will stop at nothing to kill them both? The enemy seeks to make the skies their own and Aralt has a choice to make.

From the Author:
Wolf’s Oath is the first in a #noblebright, gaslamp fantasy trilogy which forms the cornerstone of a wider body of work. The series would appeal to fans of C.S. Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy, Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni series, Morgan Busse’s Follower of the Word and Patrick Carr’s Darkwater sagas. My experience as a foster and adoptive parent of traumatized children provided background for the writing of Wolf’s Oath. Being broken doesn’t mean being useless.

About the Author:
Meg Mac Donald shares a home in Michigan with her husband, children, a Norwegian Elkhound, and a clowder of cats. Yes, it really is bigger on the inside.

Meg’s short fiction and poetry has appeared in Weird Tales, Masques of Darkover, The Temporal Logbook, and other anthologies. Her nonfiction would bore you to tears–unless you happen to love horses. She was the editor-in-chief of the award-winning semi-pro science fiction and fantasy magazine PANDORA “back in the day.”

She writes character-driven, #noblebright science fiction and fantasy (and other stuff) and has a deep appreciation for classical literature and history. Meg has never been to the moon or owned a Woolly Mammoth, but hope springs eternal.

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Wolf’s Oath



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