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The Ceiling Man

The Ceiling Man

A novel of slow burn horror.


Carole knows there can be no tie between her autistic daughter and the strange events in Port Massasauga. It’s not logical. It’s not possible. The Ceiling Man has picked up other watchers in his travels, but they all dismissed him as a nightmare. This girl is different. She knows he’s real. Teenage Abby is an innocent. The stranger only she sees and hears introduces her to evil. When Carole falls under the stranger’s sway, Abby must solve the puzzle of The Ceiling Man and save them both.

A 2017 Kindle Scout winner. On sale for 99 cents through August!

From the Author:
Part psychological thriller, part quiet horror—low on gore, but high on suspense—The Ceiling Man could be described as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time meets The Babadook.

About the Author:
Patricia Lillie grew up in a haunted house in a small town in Northeast Ohio. Since then, she has published six picture books (not scary), a few short stories (scary), and dozens of fonts. A graduate of Parsons the New School for Design and Seton Hill University’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program, she is a freelance writer and designer addicted to coffee, chocolate, and cake. She also knits and sometimes purls. The Ceiling Man is her debut novel.

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The Ceiling Man


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