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The Ema Marx Series Boxset

The Ema Marx Series Boxset

Four books for half the price!


Ema Marx is destined to be the savior of the vampire race, but she can’t believe the bloodsuckers exist, or that she’s one of them. Sure, night vision and super strength are cool, but when an ancient premonition threatens her life, Ema just wants to get the hell out of Dodge. Or in this case, the mysterious castle she wakes up in.

Jalmari is a vampire prince with a bad attitude. He wants nothing to do with Ema. Until he discovers she’s a threat to his throne. Now he’s out for blood. Ema’s blood.

Ema’s survival hangs on her ability to stay one step ahead of Jalmari while curbing her own morbid thirst. Can she save herself, or will she succumb to a hopeless destiny?

The Ema Marx Series: Books 1-3 includes the first three novels (plus a bonus novella – Athena’s Oracle) in the captivating urban fantasy series readers are calling “the next Mercy Thompson or Kate Daniels.” If you like feisty heroines, butt-kicking action, and a romance that keeps you guessing, then you’ll love J.D. Brown’s award-winning series.

1,200+ pages, 200+ five-star reviews. Find out why over a million readers have fallen for The Ema Marx series!

The Ema Marx Series Boxset



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