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Scout Selection: Love Again

Love Again

Could they go through it all a second time?


Twenty years ago, Claire Worthington gave her heart to her high school boyfriend. She thought it would be forever. Then he disappeared from her life. No calls. No letters. Grayson Moore called. He wrote. But twenty years ago, the woman he loved cut him out of her life. But when the newly divorced fund raiser and gallery owner discovers her old love is her daughter’s new college professor, all the old hopes and fears come flooding back. Would their summer romance become something more?

From the Author:
Love Again continues Kathryn Kelly’s sweet, wholesome “Love’s Second Chance” series. Connected by related characters, each book explores the scary and wonderful possibilities of love lost and found again. Are they willing to risk their hearts on a second chance at love? Begin Again, the first book in the series was a Kindle Scout selection.

About the Author:
Kathryn Kelly writes clean, contemporary romances, focusing on the emotional aspects of falling in love. She also writes historical romances set during the American Civil War and the antebellum south of Louisiana. These are the stories of southern belles who find love amidst the turmoil going on around them. In addition to writing about the present and the past, she also writes time-travel romances, merging yesterday with today, believing we find our soul mates no matter where—or when—we have to go to find them. These are modern day stories for those who still believe in happily ever after. Kathryn is a Kindle Scout winner for her Young Adult contemporary novel, Begin Again.

With a Ph.D. in psychology from Louisiana Tech University, Kathryn lives in north Louisiana. Leaving behind her academic life, Kathryn now works with veterans in her private practice as a psychologist. When not helping others or making up people in her head, she can be found reading, shopping, running on the treadmill, and… reading some more. Step into her world and experience the magic of falling in love all over again.

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From readper:
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Love Again


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