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Scout Selection: Tomb of the First Priest

Tomb of the First Priest

An obsession will reveal the world’s secrets


Since he was 14, Jules has searched for his mother’s antique bangle stolen as she died. Several years later, Jules is now an expert treasure hunter, but when the prize is snatched by a ruthless businessman, Jules links up with a group that tracks artifacts from the ancient world – many of which could rewrite human history. To reclaim what is his, Jules must find the strength to reject the temptation of power, and to accept the help offered, even if he believes he can win on his own.

From the Author:
This is the first in a series of action adventure stories aimed at fans of Cliver Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels, Matthew Reilly’s Jack West books, and James Rollins’ Sigma Force series. A globe-trotting adventure seeking ancient objects of barely-understood origins, it’s a younger-led ‘cast’ than aforementioned books, with a protagonist slightly older than “young adult” but it certainly fits the spirit of the YA sub-genre too.

About the Author:
Tony Davies also writes crime novels and thrillers as A. D. Davies covering police procedurals, private investigators, and violent pulp stories, among others. He is well-traveled, his favorite destinations being New Zealand and Vietnam, which has influenced his writing, especially his Adam Park thrillers and now the Lost Origins action series. For now, however, globe-trotting is taking a back-seat to raising his two children and writing, but one day he WILL combine all three.

Tomb of the First Priest


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