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Facade (Transmutation Book 1)

Facade (Transmutation Book 1)

A shocking new species hiding in plain sight.


An ordinary undercover assignment on Sector Port 8 goes critical for Galactic Intelligence Agents Hunter and Trash when a peculiar encounter ends with a woman becoming deathly ill. Hunter, an experimental Human and Trash, his long-eared, horned partner, realize she is not one of the known species. When her condition worsens, they take her to the Alleviators of Clouded Vale, the galaxy-renown healers who raised Hunter. Things get even stranger when his adopted family promptly shuts them out.

Coming back to his childhood home as an experienced agent has Hunter seeing things he’d never noticed before. Their latest patient causes a dramatic shift in everything he had thought to be true. The ancient buildings and dusty libraries of Clouded Vale may hold the answer to centuries-old questions. Hunter is determined to find those answers without endangering the people he calls family.

From the Author:
Book 2 is available for presale and will be released on 10/26.

About the Author:
Alice Sabo is the author of the post apocalyptic series A Changed World, the traditional mystery series Asher Blaine Mysteries and the space opera series Transmutation. She lives in Asheville, NC, where she reads a lot of books, gardens and tries to outwit the squirrels. For more information on upcoming books see her website:

Facade (Transmutation Book 1)



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