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Review: The Time Bender

The Time Bender

An alien teen fantasy adventure


Debra Chapoton’s The Time Bender starts out as a classic misfit story featuring Selina, an awkward teen who most definitely does not fit in. For one thing, her skin has an unnatural blue tint. She has a special needs little brother and the neighbor boy is a good friend, but not a boyfriend. Selina is far too socially awkward for that, although she desperately wishes for one. Instead, she is the prototypical coming of age geeky and shy type, and the butt of many jokes at school.

Two hot recruits from Interstellar Combat Academy head to earth in search of a time bender. They find her, and as you might expect, it’s Selina. Much fun ensues as they play the role of foreign exchange students to help explain their weird accents and lack of cultural knowledge. The story progresses from there to a satisfying ending, and marks an excellent start to a new series.

I can’t praise the book enough for its tight writing and good plots. Chapoton has crafted an excellent coming of age tale, deftly mixing young adult romance with science fiction adventure. I give it five out of five stars, and highly recommend it.


The Time Bender

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