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Scout Selection: Cold Solar

Cold Solar

A dark and gritty dystopian sword epic.


Earth colonized Mars but she treated her own pioneers as slaves for personal greed. They dug too deep into the Martian rock and discovered a weapon. Now they’re coming back years later to bring vengeance. Caught up in the war is Mark Bowen, a pro-swordfighter with a twisted sense of sarcastic humor and a hidden secret buried deep within his DNA. For Bowen and a team of unpredictable warriors, it’s a race against time to stop a hate-driven war machine from killing everything they care about.

From the Author:
Won two reader chosen awards on Amazon WriteOn before the site was discontinued.

About the Author:
I am a graduate of the US Naval Academy and a former US Navy officer. I’m also a competition swordsman in historical fencing with the European Longsword and I’ve studied longsword fighting in both the US and Russia. I’ve traveled abroad and visited many parts of the world, including some dangerous ones, which gave me plenty of experience that I now use for writing. Now I write novels more on the dark and gritty side featuring themes of dystopia, war, and enemies-to-lovers romance.

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