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Review: The Lost Spy

The Lost Spy

Slim Moran is the only daughter of a rakish Irish movie star. After a classical private school and college education, World War II is over and Slim finds herself working for the Red Cross in Paris. There she falls in love with a concentration camp survivor, and in 1949 after the Red Cross shuts down she opens her private investigator service to continue searching for people lost during the war.

An SOE executive from London shows up at Slim’s door looking for the last radio operator she sent behind enemy lines. A wartime friend evidently betrayed her, and the executive needs Slim to figure out who, and locate the missing woman before her mother dies. She’s convinced the agent lives because someone has been sending cryptic messages using the lost spy’s private code.

Jumping between timelines and events in 1942 and 1949, the reader follows along on a thrilling adventure and emotional tightrope. But there’s more to the story than just finding a missing spy. Why the spy is missing becomes a critical part of the tale.

A stunning mystery thriller peppered with historical figures, I was happy to nominate The Lost Spy by Kate Moira Ryan during its Kindle Scout campaign. After Amazon’s digital imprint awarded the title a publishing contract, I received a free copy.

Five out of five stars. Recommended.


The Lost Spy


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