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Scout Selection: Feathered


A magical new twist on the story of Swan Lake.


The light and the dark were never meant to be separated. When her bargain with a malevolent wizard goes terribly wrong, Marion DuVal finds herself trapped between two forms: a beautiful but darker parallel of herself, and a swan. Somehow, she must adhere to the wizard’s wishes, but it’s hard to perform epic magic when your feet are flippers and your neck’s the length of a small fishing pole. Caught up in a lie of royal proportions, her task is to get close to the queen, and such a thing is difficult when a certain handsome prince keeps getting in the way. One girl; two identities. Marion must stop the darkness inside herself before it’s too late.

From the Author:
Inspired by the magical tale of Swan Lake, this thrilling, comic adventure can be compared to the likes of Kiera Cass’s Selection series and Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen books.

About the Author:
Story writing has been a passion of mine ever since the day I could put pen to paper. It has always been my dream to write books that will inspire others, just as the books I read inspire me. Besides writing, I also enjoy a range of other artistic hobbies, including dancing, drawing, and crafting. Writing is my true passion, though, and I hope to one day make a solid career out of it. My previously published novels, Kingdom and Seeing Blue, are both available on Amazon.

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