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Simply Vampires Romance Bundle

Simply Vampires: A Must Have 10 Book Vampire Romance Bundle

Love vampire romance novels? How about 10 of them?


This is a “once in a blue moon” TEN book box set bundle full of bestselling vampire romances and brought to you by the some of the biggest name authors in Paranormal Romance. Perfect for fans of series such as Vampire Diaries, Sookie Stackhouse, Mortal Instruments & Twilight!


Book 1 – JJ Jones – The White Vampire Saga
When the mysterious Alistair appears from nowhere to rescue cute African American girl Wyn from being attacked, she is intrigued to find out exactly who this mystery man is. Alistair insists on taking care of her and ensuring her safety from that moment forwards which deepens her intrigue.

Especially as he already knows her name and everything about her….

Book 2 – Samantha Snow – A Lighter Shade Of Pale (A former #1 bestseller)
After billionaire vampire Damian slept with Leah, she discovered she was pregnant. It should be biologically impossible for Damian to ever impregnate a human and he knows that if it was to ever happen then such an event could only mean one thing. The beginning of the end…

Book 3 – Amira Rain – Melted By The Vampire (NYT Bestselling Author)
After being cryogenically frozen,Harper has just been MELTED by handsome vampires Abbott and Daniel who are looking to pursue a 3-way relationship with her. All seems well, but Harper has a huge surprise for her potential lovers..

Book 4 – Serena Rose – Prince Lucien (Over 100 reviews!)
Mara has been chosen by handsome Vampire Prince Lucien but she had no idea why.
Is it for her blood? For her fertility? Information?
Mara was about to discover the real answer was more important than she could have ever imagined…

Book 5 – Ellie Valentina – Red Solstice (Box Set Exclusive)
The day that Ione had been dreading was finally here. The day she was to enter into an arranged marriage with a fellow vampire named Alexander. The day that her existence would change forever…

Book 6 – Bonnie Burrows – The Vampire’s Shared Bride (A #1 Bestseller!)
Vampires Valad and Michael control the town and every ten years they pick a fertile woman from the village to be wedded to them as part of a tradition that dates back to over a century. No one knows what happens next to the women but now curvy Sonia is about to find out…

Book 7 – Jade White – Never Have A Vampires Baby
A night of fun was just the thing Kimberly needed after a stressful week at work. Luke’s status as a vampire was just an unexpected bonus for her. However, that single night of fun was soon to become the complete opposite as Kimberly found she was somehow pregnant with the Vampire’s baby and hell was about to break loose…

Book 8 – Angela Foxxe – A Billion Secrets (A Billionaire Vampire Romance)
When Isla Morgan found herself strangely drawn to handsome billionaire Gabriel Ramsey she figured it was because of his handsome good looks. Or his money. Little did she know it was because Gabriel was a vampire. A vampire who wanted her for her body. In more ways than one…

Book 9 – Samantha Snow – Spawn Of The Vampire (An #1 Bestseller!)
9 months after a one night stand Shawna has given birth to a beautiful baby. Only problem is, she has no idea that the baby’s father is a vampire and he is about to walk back into her life with dramatic consequences….

Book 10 – Jasmine White – Bitten By The Bad Boy
When Kyra met nightclub owner Patton she could not resist him. There was something about his bad boy demeanor that just sucked her in. His strong jaw, his muscles, his tattoos. Everything about him made him so hard to resist and Kyra simply could not say no. Then he bit her and everything began to change…


Simply Vampires: A Must Have 10 Book Vampire Romance Bundle


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