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Regency Christmas Collection

Regency Christmas Collection

If you want to fall in love this holiday season, you’ll love this Christmas collection of Regency romances.


Book 1 – A Duke’s Heart for Christmas
Eleanor Chatham has given up on love after Charles chooses another woman to marry. She fears her heart will never recover. A chance encounter with the Duke of Fenton opens Eleanor’s heart to the possibility of love, but the Duke has a secret past. Will the Duke also betray her love? Will Eleanor ever trust this man with her heart?

Book 2 – Christmas Mystery of the Heart
Escaping her past, Lady Sarah Sayers seeks a simple life as a governess. Her world is turned upside down when she meets the Duke of Huntington. Together, they must solve a mystery, but will they also find love in this troubled time?

Book 3 – A Dance at the Christmas Ball
Miss Madelene Blackmore has mixed emotions about Lord Langley. Will her feelings change at the Christmas Ball?

Book 4 – Christmas Mystery of Love
Lady Amelia does not believe in true love, even when the dashing Earl of Swinford tries to win her affections. When this handsome gentleman provides his help with a Christmas mystery, Lady Amelia could have a change of heart.

Book 5 – A Lady’s Christmas Wedding
Lady Lucy Fitzwilliam has been promised to the Duke of Selby, but after a daring rescue, her heart belongs to someone else.

From readper:
A highly rated collection of short Christian romances by Caroline Johnson, 580 pages of love, priced right for the holidays!

Regency Christmas Collection


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