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Scout Selection: Winter City Wolf Moon

Winter City Wolf Moon

A taut, in-your-face thriller, Alaskan style.


When two young Alaska Native women are found dead along the banks of Ship Creek, and their deaths are ruled ‘accidental’ and ‘undetermined’ by the police, burned out gumshoe Lewis Bocarde, well-acquainted with life on the gritty streets of Anchorage, senses something sinister rising. Allied with a suicidal social worker named Grace and a street savvy group of indigenous contrarians, Bocarde races to discover what flocks of ravens already know. And to thaw the frantic screams frozen in the snow.

About the Author:
Elvis English made his first break for freedom when he escaped from his parents on a beach at the age of four and was found a quarter of a mile away happily eating sandwiches with strangers. He has been escaping into other selves and personas ever since as a writer, photographer, traveler, teacher, musician, and a compulsive sharer of stories gathered along the road less traveled.


Categories: Mysteries / Thrillers

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