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Sword of Order

Sword of Order

A young woman trains to be a supernatural warrior.


The denizens of the Underworld will learn to fear the bite of Jessica’s blade — but not quite yet. Jessica comes from a long line of legendary Stalkers — special agents of an ancient organization called the Order. They are trained to track and assassinate paranormal creatures who threaten mankind. Her only goal in life is to follow in her parents’ footsteps, and to make her father proud. But after the horrific death of her mother, he opposes Jessica’s plan to become a warrior.

Her father’s concerns are valid, but Jessica remains undeterred. The arduous training and grueling battles against supernatural monstrosities tax her body, while doubts plague her mind. If she survives, the deadly Stalker Test awaits.

From the Author:
If you enjoy action, adventure, science fiction, magic and battles against supernatural monsters, this is the series for you.

About the Author:

S Mays grew up in a small rural town in Virginia. He spent much of his childhood building elaborate stories in his head, reading whatever books were hidden around the house, or exploring the local woods. His grandma possessed a bookshelf containing a set of hopelessly outdated encyclopedias, which he read front to back numerous times. He marveled at the prediction man would eventually land on the moon (1.5 decades after the event had already occurred). He’d make frequent trips into his grandma’s armoire, attempting to find the entrance to Narnia, but he’d always just end up making his grandma angry instead of discovering a dimensional portal.


Sword of Order


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