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The Shadow Over Lone Oak

The Shadow Over Loan Oak

An eccentric federal agent investigates occult activity in a small town.


The idyllic town of Lone Oak is struck by the murder of a young girl. Occult activity is clearly involved. But as Special Agent Llewyn Finch discovers, the town was always rotting underneath the surface. Lone Oak’s sheriff is out of her depth. Between the moonshiners and the local newspaper’s antipathy, Willow Donahue already had a host of problems on her plate. Now a cult is on her doorstep, and Finch is the only one who can help her stop it – if she can learn to trust in him and his abilities. There’s a saying in Lone Oak: evil is a whisper in the wind. But this whisper is everywhere. It’s in the mines. It’s in the woods. It’s in their homes. It’s under the skin.

From the Author:
Reviewers have called “The Shadow Over Lone Oak” a “dark, gritty read with some good (and scary) twists and turns” that has “great suspense.” A reader on Goodreads says that it is “freakishly frightening.” The recently released sequel “The Smiling Man Conspiracy” has been cited as having action that flows “from the beginning with thrills, spills, and monsters aplenty.”

About the Author:
C. J. Sears is the author of the “Evils of this World” horror/thriller series. He is a Christian and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Arkansas Tech University. When not writing his novels, he runs a weekly blog about his work and his faith.

Twitter: @CJSearsAuthor


The Shadow Over Loan Oak


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