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Broken Blue

Broken Blue

A dark young-adult urban fantasy, with a touch of paranormal romance.


Every year Blythe makes the same wish – to live a normal life. But despite her best efforts and countless therapy sessions, as she blows out the candles on her seventeenth birthday she suspects her wish will never come true. When the shadows that have haunted her for her entire life suddenly disappear, they simply make room for a new and even more unsettling presence: Bron. Beautiful, enigmatic Bron. Is he just another invention of her disturbed mind? Or can she believe in him?

From the Author:
If you’re a fan of City of Angels, or Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, then this is a bit of a combination of both, with extra twists and dimension that make it stand out from other Urban Fantasy novels.

About the Author:
Having previously served in the British Royal Air Force, at the age of 23 L.M. switched careers to work in the world of showbiz, in the Sound Engineering department of various TV/Film companies such as the BBC and ITV. L.M. now works, and lives with her family in Yorkshire, UK. L.M. Sorrell is the author of Broken Blue. She continues to write, and coming up in the near future she plans to release the sequel to Broken Blue, and also a YA sci-fi. Please keep an eye on her website and social media streams for news of releases.

Twitter: @lmsorrell


Broken Blue


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