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Haunted by the Devil

Haunted by the Devil

Irresistible Force (Love) Meets Immovable Object (Hell)


Chris has always been stubborn, but now he’s broken his own record. He’s determined to rescue the woman he loves from Hell even though he knows that’s supposed to be impossible. He can’t turn to his friends for help because they’d never understand. Instead, he’s forced trust a mysterious man in gray. He also meets others who may or may not be allies. Should he trust the minister who seems to be a druid in disguise? The creature out of Assyrian myth? The stranger who claims to be an archangel? Guessing wrong could cost him his life — and maybe his soul.

About the Author:
As far back as he can remember, Bill Hiatt had a love for reading so intense that he eventually ended up owning over eight thousand books–not counting e-books! He has also loved to write for almost that long. As an English teacher, he had little time to write, though he always felt there were stories within him that longed to get out, and he did manage to publish a few books near the end of his teaching career. Now that he is retired from teaching, the stories are even more anxious to get out into the world, and they will not be denied!



Haunted by the Devil


Categories: Urban Fantasy / PNR

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