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Scout Selection: My Love is Vengeance

My Love is Vengeance

Torn between forbidden love or brutal revenge.


Tara’s psychic bond with her twin, Gene, allows them to combine his strength with her intelligence so they can both excel as assistants to the Peers who rule their world—until Gene dies in a duel with the arrogant young Duke Longville.

Vowing revenge, Tara becomes Duke Longville’s personal advisor to manipulate him and provoke an uprising that will lead to his death. Destroying the Duke she’s sworn to serve would could result in her execution, but to avenge her brother, she’s willing to take any risk. Tara expects to despise working with Gene’s killer. Instead, she feels a traitorous attraction towards Longville and discovers they possess the same telepathic connection she once shared with her brother.

Tara’s sense of right and wrong blurs as her love for Longville increases and her schemes against him escalate. Tara must decide which is more important: the bond she shared with her brother or the one she has with the man responsible for his death—before she becomes a villain neither of them would want to know.

My Love is Vengeance merges aspects of dark ages and seventeenth century England with modern political structures. It combines the political scheming of RED QUEEN with the deadly romance of THE GRISHA and the dark, anti-heroine protagonist of THE YOUNG ELITES.

About the Author:
I’m from Yorkshire but now live in London with my husband, Freddie. I read voraciously and love literary fiction that doesn’t forget about plot and genre fiction that doesn’t forget about prose. When I’m not working, writing or reading, I enjoy heavy exercise and hearty meals in roughly equal proportion. I previously published The Cavaliers Trilogy, urban fantasy about vampires at Oxford University. I’ve also written the (as yet unpublished) dark romantic thriller The Dictator’s Wife.

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