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Scout Selection: The Ancient Tripod of Peace

The Ancient Tripod of Peace

Teens Lexi and Gil face a relic-thieving sect.


His dad in jail, Gil hopes for a fresh start in a new high school. Plagued by loneliness, freshman Lexi hopes to make friends. But, her dad’s job is jeopardized when relics are stolen, changing her priorities. For the teens’ class project, Gil finds a code linked to the relics within a Shakespearean play. Also, Lexi’s family is involved in sects vying for the stolen relics. The two teens unite to face a dangerous misanthropic sect wanting peace for animals, but only trouble for people.

From the Author:
This book is part of a series. Teens Lexi and Gil, living on the shores and islands of Lake Erie, encounter thieves. Their amateur sleuthing helps authorities in the quest to catch criminals. A second novel in development is titled “Why Steal the Detritus of Fishy Creepers?” The “Epic of Gilgamesh” inspires that story’s heist.

About the Author:
Hi, Kalen here. I’m a writer living in Ohio. I regularly commute back and forth between Columbus and Port Clinton residences. The Lake Erie islands are a favorite place of mine and provide the setting for “The Ancient Tripod of Peace.” This is my second novel and it combines my loves of ancient history and animal welfare concerns with interests in modern crime-based mystery and amateur sleuthing. Yes, I am a vegan and haven’t eaten bacon since the ’90’s. Long live the animals (and people, too).


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