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Scout Selection: The Commander’s Daughter

The Commander’s Daughter

Tense, action-packed teen sci-fi thriller.


A century into the future, humans have colonized the hundred-thousand-mile zone around the Earth known as Nearspace, building and populating space cities. Two superpowers, Unia and the Earth Confederation, are in charge, fighting for control of the man-made fuel manufactured by the Nearspace colonies. But a third and more sinister power, the Legion, strives to join the fray—and a young orphan girl and a seasoned space war veteran will struggle to find their paths at the centre of it all.

From the Author:
Currently the book has ca 8,000 views on Kindle Scout. Need one last push to make sure it stays in “Hot & Trending” and gets as many nominations as possible. There is a supporting FB campaign going on:

About the Author:
I write under the pen name Colin Moerdyke. Born in Russia, I now divide my time between the UK and the Netherlands, with my husband and two young children. I have an MBA from London Business School and a BA in Linguistics and English Teaching. I have also studied for an MA in Creative Writing at Essex University and wrote my novels under the guidance of Gotham Writing Workshop’s Science Fiction instructors.

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