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Scout Selection: The Last Hunter

The Last Hunter

On her 21st birthday, Natalia woke up dead.


For her twenty-first birthday present, Natalia Hunter became one of the living dead. Yeah. Thanks, Dad. As the daughter of a Fae and a Zombie, Natalia has never fit in anywhere—a trend that’s worsens when she wakes up as a mobile corpse. Luckily, her father also gives her a powerful amulet that will stop her body rotting. With it strung around her neck, she might survive as a zombie for another eighty years. But when an evening celebration turns into a fight for survival, Natalia wakes in hospital to discover the amulet is gone. If she can’t retrieve it, then within a few days her body will begin to fall apart and “bra-a-ains” will become the sole item on the menu. Entering into the abandoned zone isn’t a choice anyone makes lightly. With a body so fresh, Natalia might as well slap on a label reading dinner and tie herself up with a big red bow. But since it’s the only lead she has to retrieve her amulet and beat the countdown to turning rabid, that’s a chance Natalia will just have to take.

From the Author:
The Last Hunter is the first book in a new urban fantasy series from USA Today Bestselling author Lee Hayton. The City of the Zombies series features a not-so-kickass heroine, some shady fae, a black-market slave dealer, and loads and loads of zombies in various states of decay. You’re welcome.

About the Author:
Lee Hayton is the nom-de-plume of Katherine Hayton—a middle-aged woman who works in insurance, doesn’t have children or pets, can’t drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides a two-minute walk from where she was born. For some reason, she’s developed a rich fantasy life.


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