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Scout Selection: The Thief’s Son

The Thief’s Son

A story of hope, love, and a thief on the run.


The twins are feeling more defeated than ever. The girl has the same cancer that killed their mother and no health insurance. They can’t even afford the rent for their trailer park. The boy’s girlfriend puts her sweetness aside and demands that he do something. Scared but determined, they plan a daring robbery. Their target is in a neighborhood crawling with cops and the action takes place in broad daylight. Without knowing it, they robbed a front, and now they have a dangerous gang after them.

From the Author:
The Thief’s Son is about fighting when the world is against you. It’s about swimming against the current. It’s about ignoring that the odds are against you and keep going. It’s about, above all, never give up.

About the Author:
Jose Carlos Antunes lives in Michigan with his wife, their two kids and their dog Daisy. He is the author of The Enterprise and the short story Henry and His Kids. None of them has found a mainstream publisher, and even if The Thief’s Son has the same fate, he will keep writing other stories because, well, he can’t help it.


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