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Crucible Station

Crucible Station

There’s only one way to escape the city.


Life in New Liberty is tough, but it’s the only life Marjoram has ever known. At fourteen, she lives with her parents and wears a breathing mask to survive the polluted city streets on the way to school. Crucible Station offers a better life to any citizen smart enough to receive an invitation, but Marj won’t leave her family. When she is thrown into a detestable government home because her family can’t feed her, Crucible Station is the only way out–if she is clever enough to pass The Trials. A dystopian tale set in post-apocalyptic America.

About the Author:
Julianne Q Johnson writes in a little Indiana house when her two cats, two ferrets, and one fiancé will let her. Her favorite stories to write are modern-day, realistic worlds with a supernatural or paranormal element. She enjoys taking otherwise ordinary characters and giving them a paranormal gift or putting them in fantastical situations to see how they will handle it. Julianne loves cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.



Crucible Station


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