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No Tomorrows

No Tomorrows

A short term affair leads to a baby which leads to complications.


There was never any doubt they loved each other, though it was first unacknowledged. Two such opposites: Gideon, a popular British rocker; and Sabrina, a quiet introspective poet. In the throes of personal tragedy, Gideon has come to the Texas coast seeking the privacy to grieve. Sabrina has come home to the Texas coast searching for the personal validation taken from her in a tumultuous marriage. Here, on a desolate coastal ranch, Gideon finds the peace he craves in Sabrina, and Sabrina finds the acceptance she searches for in Gideon. Inevitably, they become lovers, their liaison deeply emotional, passionate, and intense. But … no commitment, they agree. No promises. No tomorrows. When the outside world intrudes, the affair ends, and they go their separate ways. Still, love has a way of finding a way. That is, until Gideon learns that who he now wants most in the world can only be had with what he wants least, and Sabrina finds that what she wants most to share with this man is rejected. Because now there is shy, sensitive Amy. Because sometimes … sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

From the Author:
Not all children are instantly loved by a parent, especially if that parent has lost a child in the past. This story explores Gideon’s journey when, before he can love with a whole heart, he must first love himself.

About the Author:
A lover of history, far off places and empty spaces, former teacher, seasonal park ranger, and Peace Corps Volunteer Doris Rangel has been to plenty of areas where her imagination could run wild. She has always loved to write, but it was writing letters from some of those far off places (yes, back in the day people really did that) that propelled her into giving writing for publication a try. Her credits now include essays, short stories and novels. Fascinated by how much the people of the world have in common, she believes kindness will ultimately overcome meanness, generosity will overcome greed, and, of course, that true love in all its various forms is mankind’s greatest strength. It may take some work, however.

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