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Scout Selection: Pawn of the Gods

Pawn of the Gods

The war between good and evil has just begun!


This story is about Mayan legends, when the gods of the underworld declare war on man. The truth of this legend lay hidden in the Yucatan in 1572, where a winged god passes a celestial weapon to a Spanish Conquistador for safe-keeping. Four-hundred and fifty years later, Soledad Mendoza discovers the weapon. Now, the unassuming college professor is caught in a dangerous game which includes a deity with a secret agenda, and a destiny that brings her face-to face with an inconceivable evil.

From the Author:
Anyone interested in ancient civilizations, and stories with a suspenseful twist that cross between the present and the past, must read this book.

About the Author:
Andrea was exposed to the world of writing early in life. From as far back as she can remember, her mother always had a novel in the works. They often discussed plot twists and characters together, and although her mother never published, she passed her love of the craft onto Andrea. She has since adopted that love and made writing a part of her life. Andrea has published an academic text book and written for local magazines and newspapers. PAWN OF THE GODS is her first full-length novel.


Categories: Urban Fantasy / PNR

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