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Messenger’s Soliloquy

Messenger’s Soliloquy

Alien invasion at tequila distillery!


Messenger’s survivalist family flees for their lives when three alien craft suddenly appear in the sky and attack his family’s Organic Tequila Distillery and Ice Caves. Inside the ice caves, sixteen-year-old Messenger discovers that not only have his parents been expecting and preparing for this, but the invaders are the vanguard of a celestial event that will irrevocably wipe out most life on earth, giving the aliens a clean slate to repopulate the world in their image. All the aliens have to do is destroy humanity’s ancient protective entity that is buried beneath his family’s farm below the ice caves. All his family has to do is thwart them. All he has to do is survive the day. No problem.

If you are interested in alien creatures, tequila, mass extinction events, speaking in tongue, evolution theories, survivalist families, agave farms, the Anza Borrego Desert, underground caves, family mysteries, panic rooms, Bob Ted Carol and Alice, first love, avatars, sniper rifles, bats, bat guano, and orchids, then this is the book for you.

About the Author:
As a child, Michael Herman began writing and publishing with a homemade monthly called The Guillotine. In high school, he progressed to illustrating and writing an underground circular in the image of Zap Comix. ​ His debut saga, Aliens, Tequila & Us, begins in the Californian Anza Borrego desert. In the 2nd Book, it progresses into the historic hills of Julian, California. The 3rd Book journeys into the wilds of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The 4th Book takes the reader into the heart of Santiago, Chile. ​ When he isn’t doing construction or creating 3D computer generated photoreal simulations for the AEC industry, he writes from his small urban hillside farm in California where he types away to the sounds of chickens, coyotes, the occasional fox and his household pets.


Messenger’s Soliloquy


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