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Scout Selection: Fatal Feast

Fatal Feast

Montana researcher Dr. Callie Archer faces death as she rushes to cure a fatal disease spreading to humans from beef and wildlife.


Dr. Callie Archer is a researcher at a high-risk federal laboratory in the mountains of Montana. She’s working desperately to find a cure for a highly contagious form of prion disease. The rapidly progressive neurological disease that killed her scientist father is spreading through cattle and wild game, threatening the world’s food supply. Callie’s research is promising, but someone wants to stop her and they’re willing to kill. Can Callie… and the world survive?

From the Author:
In 1995, the first human case of prion disease from eating infected beef from mad cows occurred in Great Britain. The strange protein called a prion ultimately killed hundreds of humans before scientists identified the cause and stopped the spread. The same type of disease is spreading through wild game in the United States and Canada. The book is fictional, but prion disease is real.

About the Author:
Dr. Kuffel’s experiences as an ER physician and pilot energize her writing. Search and rescue, sled dog racing in Alaska, and surviving a plane crash in the snowy mountains of Idaho inspire stories. She lives in Montana with her husband and two dogs where she rises early to watch sunrise over the Rocky Mountains and writes in several genres. (Amazon author page)

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