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Scout Selection: Lakeview Shadow

Lakeview Shadow

More than darkness lurks in the shadows.


High school student Easton, by no choice of his own, is thrown into the scene of the suicide of a girl he barely knew. Her death shouldn’t affect him so personally, he can’t even recall her name, but for reasons he doesn’t understand, it becomes his responsibility to find out why he was meant to be there, and what secrets lie with her in death. The deeper he digs, the darker the shadows surrounding her become, until he, too, is almost smothered in them.

About the Author:
K.A. Blaser grew up in Washington State, but currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and son. She fits in her part time job of writing when she’s not too busy binge-watching her favorite shows or chasing her wild toddler.


Categories: Mysteries / Thrillers

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