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Scout Selection: On Holy Ground

On Holy Ground

Saving the world was just the start.


In The Devil’s Poetry, Callie gambled with her life to stop a war. And she won. But now the game has changed. A Reader who understands the Book’s magic is either a savior or a curse – what she can’t be is free. When Callie’s stranded in the US, hunted and penniless, she desperately needs allies. But whose agenda can she trust? She must re-evaluate everything she knows, and find a way to escape – or die trying. Don’t miss the riveting sequel to The Devil’s Poetry.

From the Author:
On Holy Ground is the sequel to The Devil’s Poetry, described by reviewers as ‘addictive’, ‘gripping’ and ‘a must-read’. Although it’s a continuation of Callie’s story, each novel stands alone as well, with a distinct thriller arc.

About the Author:
I’m a writer, journalist, alpha dog in a spaniel pack (well, chief ball thrower anyway) and a coffee addict. You can see my other books on amazon here Stop by to chat to me on social media. If you fancy a taster of the first novel, download the first couple of chapters from Instafreebie here


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