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Scout Selection: SPED-BOT


A little Howey, a little Asimov, hard sci-fi goodness.


All work and no play makes an android a dull toy. The remnants of human civilization create their own utopia on an alien planet. A brilliant robotic scientist breaks the rules in an attempt to make his impaired son whole. Meshing android and human minds is considered impossible, a societal taboo, and illegal. Can the sorrow of a father, the challenge of a feat never accomplished, and the promise of normalcy for a son who has never known it motivate a man beyond his ethical boundaries? What happens when it all goes wrong?

About the Author:
Billy DeCarlo is an American author of novels and short stories. He grew up camped out at the corner newsstand, reading as many comic books as he could before the owner would throw him out. He writes out of love and in hope to change the world, or at least a few minds. He still believes there are superheroes, and sees evidence of them sometimes on the news. And villains, lots of villains.

Categories: Science Fiction / Fantasy

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