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Scout Selection: Touch of Blue

Touch of Blue

Where delusion meets chaos.


Suburban mom, Winnie Swann, understands chaos. She’s married to an adrenaline junkie and has four kids. Emergency room visits, drama-infused tears, booger weaponry… All part of the game. But lately, Winnie’s rattled. Teen daughter, Cassie, keeps breaking the law to impress the punk of her dreams. An admirer is also leaving lyrics on the doormat, songs of bedlam and souls and hidden lairs. Cassie suspects they’re from the punk. Winnie disagrees. Her teenage son has a secret girlfriend, her husband’s crazy ex-wife is calling, and a hunky new mailman is delivering more than just the mail. A thug, a wingnut, and two hussies–not exactly stellar options. What nobody realizes is, Cassie’s right. The notes are for her. But for all the wrong reasons. A stalker has the teen in his lustful crosshairs. Their lair is ready. Nirvana awaits. He’ll make his move, once the family fabric suffers its last tear. And lucky for him, mother and daughter are ripping it to shreds.

From the Author:
It’s always fun to escape into a story that’ll make you laugh…and look over your shoulder.

About the Author:
Mindy Mack thought being a stay-at-home mom was the easiest job in the world, until her kids set her straight. The fire department also chimed in a time or two. Writing became therapy, a way to laugh at herself and life. Now she’s a proud member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, moderates a critique group, and does accounting for the family party rental business. She lives in the Midwest with her dogs and adrenaline-junkie husband, near their thundering horde of kids and grandkids. You can find her at


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