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The Shifter’s Future Mate

The Shifter’s Future Mate

A spacey clairvoyant and a hot panther-shifter wrestling with fate for the sake of love.


Spacey clairvoyant Roselani Bahl can see the future. Her erratic gift has cursed her with bad news. Her part-time lover, panther-shifter Maddox Shepherd, is about to find his mate. But her gift isn’t telling her who, or when, only soon. She starts eyeballing the single women in town. Who could it be? The hot new shifter midwife? They’ve been having fun as friends with benefits, and she’s realized she’s not so keen on giving that up. Will she let go of the man of her dreams, or fight for him? Maddox has been searching for his mate for years and has practically given up. When he sees a handsome fae flirting with Roselani, he sees red. Could his mate have been right in front of him the entire time? Has he finally found what he’s been looking for, or is he too late?

From the Author:
The Shifter’s Future Mate is the first book in a complete four book series. Each book chronicles different residents of Fayoak, a magical, kitschy tourist town, as they try to find love—with lots of action and steamy scenes in the mix!

About the Author:
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The Shifter’s Future Mate


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